Do Prayer Plants Flower? (Prayer Plant Blooming Explained)

For those who love the bright, cheery flowers that come along with springtime, Prayer plants are an excellent choice for your home or garden as they’re a plant that blooms when conditions are right!

Though the Prayer plant leafy blossom is relatively beautiful to look at, there are also betters ways to make sure of their success in flowering by providing them indirect sunlight and plenty of water. Too much light can be just as damaging so it’s important not to give these guys too much exposure unless you want a scorched disaster on your hands!

Do Prayer Plants Flower?

The prayer plant is a very popular houseplant and it’s easy to see why. They’re also called the “good luck” plant because they’re believed to bring good fortune. But do these plants flower? 

Prayer plants flower in summer and spring when grown indoors. These plants do not often bloom indoors. But if they flower indoors, it’ll only be for a few days and the flowers are usually small. They rarely produce bright white petal clusters around the long stems that grow from tiny roots just beneath the surface of your prayer plant’s potting soil.

When does a prayer plant bloom.

For any plant to bloom, there has to be a good supply of both good weather, plant food, and favorable lighting to induce your indoor plant to flower in the season. 

And, If you want your prayer plant to bloom indoors, you’ll need to let it go through its winter resting period, provide a medium to low light, temporarily suspend frequent watering it, and remove any dead leaves.

All these steps will force your prayer plant into dormancy then sping into a growth spat that will lead to flowering as long as it is grown in the best potting soil for a prayer plant which must be one with good drainage because that plant does not like to sit in water.

In fact, too much water and your prayer plant will never flower. Prayer plants respond very well to both cooler temperatures and fluorescent lighting when they approach blooming.

 The intensity of the light should be slightly reduced from the levels used during the active phase of their growth cycle so 60-watt cool lighting will do.

Prayer plants bloom in the summer and spring seasons when growing indoors. Prayer plants flowering is a stunningly rare occurrence, but when they do bloom, their white flowers add to the beauty of this plant’s foliage. 

If you have one grown indoors, don’t expect it to flower often- these blooms come infrequently and in small numbers. But even so, prayer plant flowers can be attractive due to their rarity among other brilliantly colored flowering plants’ leaves!

How do you get a prayer plant to bloom?

Prayer plants bloom in the right conditions. They prefer bright, indirect sunlight to thrive and flower during their season. Pretty much like Sensavieria Indoor air purifying plant, Prayer plants can also withstand too little light but low lighting will not be enough for them to bloom. 

If you want to e encouraged them into blooming, you need to reduce direct sunlight and reduce watering as too much sun will hinder blooming while also burning leaves, decreasing the coloring of these same leaves.

How long do prayer plant flowers last?

Prayer plants are stunning green, leafy shrubs that grow in areas with high humidity and wet soil. They often maintain foliage throughout the year that can be seen on the plant all year long. 

They rarely bloom when growing indoors from their center stalk outwards. 

Prayer Plant’s flowers last for a few days before wilting and dying. 

However, their blooming season is usually a few months long–if given proper care like watering or fertilizing during its off-season period of dormancy. The flowering stem will wither after about two weeks at which point old blossoms start to fall off quickly because new ones replace them within days!


Prayer plants can flower when given the right blooming conditions indoors. They are a great plant to grow indoors even though they do not flower often. 

Prayer plants bloom during spring and summer, which is the perfect season for indoor gardening. It means there will be plenty of natural light from outside and enough sunlight in your home so that you don’t have to worry about lack of sunshine keeping them alive. 

Prayer plants can still blossom beautifully with white flowers offset by their deep green leaves-especially if other colorful blossoms cannot thrive in your house because artificial lights just won’t cut it when dealing with something like an orchid’s need for 12 hours worth of sun each day!

Prayer plants make excellent options for growing inside all year round due to how infrequently they rely on flowering rather than foliage alone.

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